Own Your Rhythm

Own Your Rhythm Moon Cycle

Reactivate Your Feminine Brilliance Through Cycle Awareness


It's time to step into your truest, most powerful self.

How Will Own Your Rhythm Benefit Me?

By owning your rhythm, you will naturally...

  • reconnect with your power source and inner knowing

  • engage with the deep understanding of your emotional rhythms

  • ignite your soul's purpose and passion

  • have the confidence to move through your fears

  • feel confident and at home in your body

Is Own Your Rhythm Right For Me?

Did you know you could sync yourself to the natural energy of the moon so you can show up as your most confident, embodied self?

For the longest time, we didn't either. But here's the secret, love:

Your greatest liabilities are your greatest strengths.

What we mean by liabilities (that aren't actually liabilities at all)...

  • you're sensitive and emotional

  • you're feeling stagnant, confused

  • you get easily overwhelmed

  • you often feel weighed down by your emotions

  • you are disconnected from your true purpose

These liabilities force you to deeply connect and feel your true voice, soul and desires. Know it has been there all along, sister.

Own Your Rhythm






Krystal Vrba

About Krystal

It was just a few years ago that I was bed-ridden, suffering with severe chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, praying for my body to be healthy so I could feel like a "normal" woman. Today, I am so grateful for my health and the energy I have to put into my life. For years I have worked with women who are struggling to feel at home in their skin and together we work to bring them back to a place of personal power, so they can relax into who they really are. I am the Co-Founder of Refresh Natural Health, returning women to their intuition and body wisdom through multi-faceted healing modalities from colon hydrotherapy to nutrition coaching.

Jamie Mock

About Jamie Lee

Feeling called but unsure how to answer... I know that feeling well. At one point in time, life felt challenging with what I perceived to be one road block after another. I knew something had to change, but what? My journey to embodiment began with yoga and quickly grew as I discovered meditation and manifestation practices. Though things didn't shift much until I embraced and awakened my inner feminine knowing, INTUITION. Throughout my journey, I have become a registered holistic nutritionist, Founder of Moonbrew Tonic Co., and an intuitive embodiment coach.

Tune into your rhythm, tune into your intuition.

You know that "crazy" feeling that you feel at different phases of the month? Through moon cycle awareness and activation of your natural rhythms, you can learn how to honor yourself in each phase and do the activities that allow the natural expression of yourself. This so-called "crazy" behavior dissipates when we women are in understanding of our true wants and needs.

During the Own Your Rhythm 4-week program, we will guide you through the fundamentals of the moon cycle and how to reconnect to your natural rhythms. As women, we have and always will be, deeply connected to the cycles of the moon and each stage provides an energy and soul calling that teaches us all we need to know.

Trust in your own path sister, and much will be revealed, understood and accepted.

Your rhythm is your personal coach for creating the life you desire.

Are You Ready?

YES, I'm Ready To Own My Rhythm!

Own Your Rhythm Sneek Peek

Wild Woman...

You have spent too many years struggling in a world that doesn't pay attention to the cyclic rhythm of nature and moon cycles. We must recognize these biorhythms of nature in order to accept ourselves fully.

Working in harmony with our cycles is the foundation of a woman's health. Together, we are remembering how to honor and trust ourselves again so we can ease into our inner knowing and receive the messages from the natural world around us.

By working through the Own Your Rhythm 4-week program, you'll learn...

  • how to embrace your vulnerabilities as your greatest strengths

  • how to track the moon cycle and understand it's connection to your emotional life

  • how to harness the energetic power of the moon to fuel your creative passions

  • how to harmonize the feminine AND masculine energies within your truest self

  • key embodiment and lifestyle practices to reconnect with your beauty, happiness & health

Know that we're here for you along the way.

We'll also be providing a short video to coincide each phase you're working through.

Something To Note!

This work is for every woman, and all individuals identifying with the feminine, whether you have a menstrual cycle or not. Own Your Rhythm is a doorway into the personal healing of your body by aligning with the natural rhythms of nature. Women are affected by the moon regardless of their current phase of menstruation (irregular cycle, no cycle, pregnant, perimenopausal or postmenopausal), and we encourage you to harness the biorhythms of nature during all stages of life.


  • Own Your Rhythm Week One

    Week One

    Inner Winter // Rhythms Of The New Moon

    In the first week of the program we focus on awareness and inner connection. Here we will learn how to slow down in order to hear our heart's deepest dreams and desires. During this 'dark/winter' cycle of the moon we discuss ways to hone into the true messages of your heart and return to the beauty of your authentic self.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Two

    Week Two

    Inner Spring // Rhythms Of The Waxing Moon

    We now adventure upwards with the growing light of the moon. In this phase we'll harness the awakening of your creativity, natural energy, inspiration and expansion. Spring is a time of new awakenings, and we're going to shake things up so you can bloom into the truest expression of yourself.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Three

    Week Three

    Inner Summer // Rhythms Of The Full Moon

    Summer is all about celebration, sensuality and pleasure. Our focus under the energy of the full moon is to reconnect with the natural magnetism you harness within you. As the moon shines bright for all to see, as will you my love. You are fierce, powerful and absolutely gorgeous. It's time that the world saw you for the goddess you really are.

  • Own Your Rhythm Week Two

    Week Four

    Inner Autumn // Rhythms Of The Waning Moon

    In the final week of the program we focus on letting go of what no longer serves you. As the natural rhythm of the moon begins to darken, you are ready to release. Together, we will surrender to our emotions as we journey inwards to face our deepest fears. This powerful final week helps us move into the darkness of the New Moon with clarity, confidence and a deep understanding of our natural rhythm.

    Own Your Rhythm teaches you to wrap your arms around yourself, and accept your natural cycles, in the most delicious, embodied ways.

You must trust your own feminine BRILLIANCE.

Are you ready?

YES, I'm Ready To Own My Rhythm!